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Skye Forensic Mental Health Consulting, LLC

Dr. Nathaniel Woods

We’ve curated a selection of talented virtual assistant candidates based on your specific requirements. Take a closer look at their video profiles below:

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Marketing VA

Vivian Larion - Marketing VA


Masters in Communications Management in Communications Management




· Good communications.

DISC Profile:

· Dominance: 62

· Influence: 41

· Steadiness: 34

· Compliance: 45


· Over 7 years' experience managing social media profiles, creating graphics and videos, and scheduling posts for clients in various industries including sales coaching.

· Utilized tools like Canva, Capcut and Descript.

· LinkedIn lead generation process using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to filter leads by company size and location for clients like a sales coach. She would send connection requests and messages to qualify potential clients for her boss.

· Created graphics, videos, captions and schedules all content for clients, having experience with podcasts and extracting audio from recordings for her last client.

· Podcast and audio editing experience - extracting audio from solo podcast recordings using Descript then scheduling across platforms.

· Strategy: Market research and comparative analysis.

· Experienced in editing websites.

· Platforms: YouTube, Podcast, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

· Industries: Sales Coach, Innovation Coach, Fitness Coach, Hospitality, eCommerce and Fashion.


· Graphic Design: Canva 10/10, Adobe Spark 5/10

· Video Editing: Capcut 7/10, Descript 10/10

· Meta Business Suite 10/10

· Metricool 7/10

· Linkedin Sales Navigator 10/10

· WordPress 6/10

· MailChimp 6/10

· ChatGPT 10/10

· Gemini 7/10


2023 – 2023 Marketing Production Manager at Ideas with Legs

2021 – 2023 Virtual Assistant/Sales Support at The Sales Strategist

2020 – 2021 Personal Assistant to CEO Becky Choi at Tummy Warrior Postnatal Fitness

2019 – 2020 Virtual Assistant/Customer Service Agent at Spot Holdings (NSW) PTY LTD 

2017 – 2019 Social Media and Virtual Assistant at Dark Iron Fitness

2016 – 2017 Social Media Executive VA at Utelier Limited 

2015 – 2015 Virtual Assistant/Social Media Coordinator at Wooden Wonderland 

2013 – 2015 Customer & Events Support Coordinator at Global1 Events

2012 – 2013 Virtual Assistant at Qwerky Innovations and Shake it Up Australia 

HIPAA Trained

We take HIPAA  and privacy protection very seriously and train our agents to have the most up-to-date policies in place.

Your Software

Our agents have experience with many different EHR/EMR and phone systems and can integrate into yours very quickly.


We offer a dedicated US-based account manager to support you throughout your hiring process, ensuring your agents align with your preferences.

What clients say about us

Erin Ipock

Medical Clinic, MO

We were able to quickly hire a virtual assistant who was very knowledgeable and experienced with the operations of a medical office. With minimal training and onboarding, our virtual assistant has been a game changer for our clinic!

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