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Strategic Pulse, LLC

Steven Jones

We’ve curated a selection of talented virtual assistant candidates based on your specific requirements. Take a closer look at their video profiles below:

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General/Marketing Virtual Staff

Jennifer Ormo


Bachelor of Science in International Relations


Communication Skills:

  • Can converse well.

  • Can express her thoughts clearly.

Relevant Skills:

  • GVA for a Branding Merch Company

  • Email and Calendar Management

  • Create proposal for branding

  • Pricing, shipping

  • Create invoice

  • Get in touch with graphic designers to create mock ups

  • Inbound/Outbound Calls

  • Get in touch with suppliers

  • Back end listings

  • Source new materials

  • Data Entry

  • Lead Mining

  • Social Media Management (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Create Newsletter


2019 - 2023 Virtual Assistant at Virtual Assistants Xtra Inc

HIPAA Trained

We take HIPAA  and privacy protection very seriously and train our agents to have the most up-to-date policies in place.

Your Software

Our agents have experience with many different EHR/EMR and phone systems and can integrate into yours very quickly.


We offer a dedicated US-based account manager to support you throughout your hiring process, ensuring your agents align with your preferences.

What clients say about us

Erin Ipock

Medical Clinic, MO

We were able to quickly hire a virtual assistant who was very knowledgeable and experienced with the operations of a medical office. With minimal training and onboarding, our virtual assistant has been a game changer for our clinic!

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